Terms of Reservation for Delivery Service

The Casa Raia does not itself deliver products to home consumers and does not charge any fees for reservation services rendered . By completing a reservation through Casa Raia, the Guest or Account holders authorizes Casa Raia to forward the reservation, through a third party technology service provider, to a liquor delivery service (“LDS”) licenced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission to deliver liquor to home consumers.


The assigned LDS will contact the Guest or Account holder to confirm its appointment as the agent of the Guest or Account holder to purchase and deliver the reserved products on its behalf and the assigned LDS must be the individual who picks-up reserved products. The LDS must not be intoxicated at time of pick-up (determined at the sole discretion of Casa Raia staff at the applicable participating BCasa Raia location) and must provide identification matching the LDS assigned to the reservation and receiving the order from the customer.


The LDS, acting as the agent of the Guest or Account holder, will purchase the reserved product from Casa Raia and charge the Guest or Account holder for the cost of the product as well as a delivery service fee in compliance with applicable regulations. The Casa Raia cannot, under current regulations, accept payment from the Guest or Account holder for product (or delivery service fees) to be delivered to home consumers, the LDS must purchase the product on your behalf. The LDS receiving the order will be paid by the Guest or Account Holder once the LDS delivers the product to you.


Upon delivery of the reserved product, the Guest or Account holder must be the individual who made the reservation, must not be intoxicated and present a valid, piece of government issued photo identification. The following are items are accepted at Beer Store as forms of identification: Passport, Driver’s License with photo, B.Y.I.D Card, Military Issue I.D. with date of birth and photo, Government Issue I.D. with date of birth and photo and Health Card with photo. You will be refused service and your reservation and delivery will be cancelled without any liability to Casa Raia or the LDS if you are not of legal drinking age or if you appear intoxicated.